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[Infographic] An Insanely Easy-To-Use Cleaning Schedule


In Need Of A Thorough House Cleaning Schedule?

During these unsettling times of self-isolation, in hopes of "flattening the curve", homeowners across the globe are hyper-sensitive to making sure their home is clean and germ-free. 

Certainly, there is no better time than right now, early in the Spring of 2020 to develop a thorough cleaning shchedule that will keep your home clean now and even past days of self-isolation. With all the time you currently have on your hands, the capacity is there to implement a cleaning schedule for your home; but, how do you develop this schedule?
Lucky for you, Modern Castle released an infographic that will assist you with your regular cleaning schedule. Here are a few of the highlights:
  • Breakdown of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks
  • Tasks that cover every square inch of your home, from outside to inside
  • Highlights forgotten tasks like checking batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, vacuuming baseboards and cleaning tile grout

Is it realistic to adhere to this type of schedule post-COVID-19 lockdown?  Probably not. However, It's worth implementing as much of this schedule into your household routines now while you have the capacity. When things get back to normal, then you will decide to prioritize what should stay a part of your cleaning schedule and what is not a necessity. 

Are you ready to get started? 

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House Cleaning Schedule - ModernCastle.com - Printable Infographic
Infographic designed by ModernCastle.com