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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing & Sizing

Residential Friendly Dumpster Rentals in West Bloomfield

Waste removal for that next spring cleaning session is now a whole lot easier in West Bloomfield. Bin There Dump That can rent you a dumpster sized to fit your needs and one that will fit conveniently in a residential driveway with room to spare. 

When it’s time to consider how to clear out the basement, we can help streamline the process for you.

Let Us Help You Choose the Right Dumpster Size

It isn’t always easy choosing the right size dumpster for a project. How do you know if the bin you choose is big enough for all of the trash you have? That’s where we come in. 

Bin There Dump That’s Live Dumpster Consultants have years of experience helping customers choose the right dumpster for all types of residential projects. We’ll listen to you and ask questions so that we can understand the scope of your project and then recommend the best option for you. 

Our lineup starts with our smallest 6-yard dumpster rental all the way up to our popular 20-yard container.

Driveway Friendly Dumpsters

When you rent a dumpster the idea is to make your life a little easier. It streamlines trash removal if you have your own personal dump site in your driveway that gets hauled away along with everything you dumped in it at the end of your job. 

That doesn’t mean you’re okay with it being in your way. At Bin There Dump That our containers are custom designed to be residential friendly so that you can still park your car beside it and get on with daily life while you work.

Nice and Easy Dumpster Rental on Bin There Dump Th

Avoid Damage With Driveway Protection

Unfortunately, damaged driveways are often a byproduct of having a dumpster on your property. Bin There Dump That has developed a simple and effective Driveway Protection System that helps prevent that from happening. 

Before we lower the dumpster we place wooden boards down first. Then we place the dumpster rental on top of those boards so that there’s a protective buffer between your driveway and the container.

Can I Throw My Old Worn Out Couch in my Dumpster Rental?

A dumpster is a great way to get rid of that old couch or any other worn out furniture you may want to get rid of. On a side note, consider donating your old furniture to a charitable organization if it’s still useable — there are always people than can use the help.

Is a 6-yard Dumpster a Good Choice for my Landscaping Project?

Yes, our 6-yard dumpster is ideal for your outdoor project. It measures 10 feet long, by 5.5 feet wide and 3 feet high. That’s a ton of space for all of your old sod, soil, weeds and concrete.

I’ve Just Bought New Tires for my Van, Can I Throw the old ones in my Dumpster Rental?

You can definitely throw your old tires in your dumpster. Just keep in mind there is an extra charge for tires. Let your Bin There Dump That Live Dumpster Consultant know that you will be throwing tires in the dumpster rental when you call to book your rental and keep the tires on top of the container so that they’re visible. Also, they’ll clarify what the charges will be for you as well.

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West Bloomfield Local Guide

West Bloomfield Township, officially named the Charter Township of West Bloomfield, is commonly known as “Lake Township of West Bloomfield” by local residents due to being heavily dotted with small and medium sized lakes. 12.5% of West Bloomfield is actually made of water, more than any other part of Metro Detroit! 

Two of those lakes being: Cass Lake and Pine Lake. Pine Lake is a private 395 acre all sports lake located completely in the township. Part of Cass Lake, the largest lake in Oakland County, is in West Bloomfield. West Bloomfield is home to Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit, the Jewish Historical Society of Michigan, a Jewish highschool, as well as Frankel Jewish Academy. 

The Chaldean - Iraqi Association of Michigan bought the Shenandoah Golf and Country Club, which sits across the street from Temple Israel Synagogue in 1989. Homeowners in the area were opposed to the purchase, citing a fear of further development. Over $1 million was spent to renovate the clubhouse and the golf course. In 1990, after renovations were completed, Temple Israel held a series of social events and activities at the clubhouse to welcome the Chaldean - Iraqi community. 

In 2004, the largest Chaldean cultural center, in the United States, opened in West Bloomfield. Dana Nessel, Michigan’s 54th Attorney General comes from West Bloomfield. Since taking office, Nessel has created multiple special projects and units such as: Consumer Protections Division, Hate Crimes Unit, and Elder Abuse Task Force. Previously, the Michigan Department of the Attorney General did not have investigators or prosecutors assigned specifically to these causes. 

 West Bloomfield is a tight knit community that is home to many firsts and Bin There Dump That is glad to serve this wonderful community.

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